About Us

Founded in 2012, origininfotel is a leading developer and manufacturer of smart classroom and visual collaboration solutions. With a large portfolio of products ranging from smart interactive whiteboards, projectors, visualizers, interactive educational K-12 content to office furniture and solutions, origininfotel products have a meaningful impact on the way we communicate and learn. Our solutions improve the way the world works, learns, entertains, and communicates. Our team is committed to creating interactive solutions which affects people’s lives in a positive way.


Our Mission is to provide simple, intuitive and connected solutions to help our customers inspire greatness in themselves, and the students, colleagues and teams they interact with.


Being Down to Earth
We stand on solid ground to ensure every aspect of all that we do is done well. We endeavour to perfect our core business to become a respectable global leader.
Creating Value
We believe in being innovative and applying our values in what we do. We believe in sustainable advantages to ensure long- & short-term development.
Devoting Ourselves
We are passionate about creating an ideal workplace for realising one’s potential. We unite to achieve great things through unselfishness and serving other people.

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